Friends all Around the World
Friends all Around the World by Bianca Ho (2013-2015 Australia)
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I met lots of friends all around the world, from local Australians to other backpackers. We traveled around Australia...

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親身體驗新西蘭 by Rachael (2014-2016 新西蘭)
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Working holiday可以得到嘅得著,部份係可以用文字同語言表達出黎,但更多嘅……係要親身去體驗...

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是度假,也是學習 by Dora Cheung (2013-2015 英國)
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屢敗屢戰,生機處處 by SY (2012-2013 德國)
Link to 屢敗屢戰,生機處處


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人生有幾多個十年? by Bee (2015-2016 加拿大)
Link to 人生有幾多個十年?


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小鎮上共舞 by Suki (2014-2015 愛爾蘭)
Link to 小鎮上共舞


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