Hitchhiking in New Zealand

Daniel (2014-2015 New Zealand)

Q: Where do you come from?
A: Hong Kong.

Q: When did you go on your working holiday?
A: September 2014 - October 2015.

Q: Where did you go for your working holiday and why?
A: New Zealand was my only place to stay with my Working Holiday Visa and I didn't know much about New Zealand before I go. At that time, New Zealand was my first choice while Australia was the second. I didn't choose Australia at last because too many Hong Kong people were having working holiday there. I wanted something different.

Q: What kinds of jobs did you do, and what kinds of courses did you take during your working holiday?
A: At that time, I was once a fruit picker, fruit packer, waiter and warehouse worker. I also worked in potato factory, supermarket, pharmaceutical factory, etc. Everyone can do these kinds of jobs as they are quite easy to handle.
I didn't take any courses during my working holiday.

Q: Tell us one of your most unforgettable memories in your working holiday.
A: The most valuable time is that you spent all your time living out a nature life instead of a busy life in a big city.
People in New Zealand were so nice. It was pretty safe to hitchhike and I did it quite often. One day, a car stopped next to me when I was walking down the road. Then, the driver offered a ride to me. We talked in his car and I even went to his home finally. We had a drink, watched a movie, petted his cats...we became friends afterward. It was very funny. But when I shared this story to some of my friends, it was no wonder that they concerned about safety issue, "You shouldn't hangout with a stranger in a unfamiliar place." That's what I have been told. Please just keep open-minded (but also stay alert).

Q: What is the greatest reward you have got from your working holiday?
A: I do have my great experience but I'm not going to tell because I think everyone would have different experience. What you have to think is - do you enjoy this trip?

Q: Can you give 3 tips for young people who wish to visit the working holiday destination of your choice?
You definitely need a job. Frankly speaking, it is quite easy to get a job in agricultural industry. Some of the farms may also accept online application.
I would recommend doing something like hitch hike. It is cost-saving and you will have great experience.
Almost every hostel provides work exchange. You may ask them through email.

Q: Is there any extra thing you would like to tell us?
A: Most of the activities depend on weather. Please check the weather forecast before starting your trip.

Note: The views and comments expressed in individual sharings are the authors' own and do not reflect the views of the Labour Department. Working holidaymakers are advised to research thoroughly and check up for updated and verified information before departure.