Sarah Allen (2015-2016 Hong Kong)

Q: Where do you come from?
A: I'm from the North West of England, in the UK.

Q: When did you go on your working holiday?
A: I went on my working holiday in March 2015 and finished it in March 2016.

Q: Where did you go for your working holiday and why?
A: I had my working holiday in Hong Kong as my boyfriend lives and works here. Whilst researching the conditions of stay for tourists I discovered the working holiday visa and it worked perfectly for me.

Q: What kinds of jobs did you do, and what kinds of courses did you take during your working holiday?
A: As a British citizen I was allowed to work in one job for the whole of my stay, I worked on the reception in a doctor's office in Central for the entirety of my working holiday. I didn't do any educational courses but I did start learning to play violin!

Q: Tell us one of your most unforgettable memories in your working holiday.
A: The day I got my job has to be the most unforgettable for me, I had a lot of people tell me that it would be hard work finding a job in Hong Kong and it made me feel so good as I not only managed to get a great job but I also got that great job within a day of picking up my visa!

Q: What is the greatest reward you have got from your working holiday?
A: Without a doubt the greatest reward is that I now have a huge level of confidence that I certainly did not have in the UK. I now find it much easier to try new things and go out on my own to meet new friends and that wouldn't have happened if this opportunity wasn't available. Leaving my home country was hard, but doing it has changed me for the better.

Q: Can you give 3 tips for young people who wish to visit the working holiday destination of your choice?
  1. Don't be afraid to get out and meet new people, there are tons of groups for people with all sorts of interests and you're bound to meet people who you'll quickly click with. Remember that there's a lot of people in the same situation as you who will be looking to make new friends.
  2. Get to grips with how the tax system works here and put money aside each month as you'll be required to clear your tax before leaving Hong Kong. It's actually a pretty simple process, after leaving my job I managed to get my tax calculated and paid within a couple of hours!
  3. When job hunting, try looking at Hong Kong groups on Facebook or on expat forums. A lot of jobs on these sites are advertised as 'working holiday' friendly and you can also post your details and skills for prospective employees to find you – just remember to be careful giving out personal information online.

Q: Is there any extra thing you would like to tell us?
A: I love Hong Kong!

Note: The views and comments expressed in individual sharings are the authors' own and do not reflect the views of the Labour Department. Working holidaymakers are advised to research thoroughly and check up for updated and verified information before departure.