The Hong Kong/ Netherlands Working Holiday Scheme takes effect on 1 January 2019, providing an annual quota of 100 for each side. The Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Hong Kong requires applicants to have enough funds for their maintenance during the period of initial stay in the Netherlands.
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Successful applicants will be issued a working holiday visa by the Government of the Netherlands, allowing them to stay in the Netherlands for up to 12 months. They can take up short-term employment and/or enrol in short-term course(s) incidental to their holiday during the authorized period of stay. Details and application forms are available at the following websites:

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Participants are required to take out suitable medical (including repatriation), hospitalisation and/or liability insurance before departure to cover the possible related costs incurred abroad.

Detailed arrangements of the Scheme may vary from time to time. Applicants are advised to check with the Consulate before application.
The official tourism website of the Netherlands provides practical and comprehensive information on attractions, events, festivities, Dutch food and cuisine, as well as accommodation and trip-planning tips. Visit the website for all kinds of information you need for your travel in the Netherlands!
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Scenic Highlights

From windmill, tulips to canals, the Netherlands is packed with world renowned icons that highlight the unique ambiance of its sceneries. Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is a cultural hub of historic buildings, artistic museums and monumental canals. Apart from the 17th century canal ring area that is appointed as the UNESCO World Heritage, the crowd in the Dam Square, the masterpieces in Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum, and the memorable story recorded in the Anne Frank House have framed the historical beauty of this city. As Amsterdam is surrounded by water, you can get a prime view of the most interesting and beautiful sight of the city by taking a canal cruise through its waterways.

Nineteen gorgeous windmills, rear in the beautiful wetland around Dordrecht in South Holland for centuries, symbolize Dutch water management system and are iconic scene that you cannot miss! If you visit Keukenhof, the most famous and largest flower park in the world, in spring, you can see the Dutch tulip fields in bloom. The Hague (in Dutch: Den Haag) is also known as the "City of Peace and Justice" where the Dutch Government and Parliament are located. The historical building, Peace Palace (in Dutch: Het Vredespaleis), is still used by the International Court of Justice, the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the Peace Palace Library, as well as by The Hague Academy of International Law. You can also take a look inside by taking a guided tour.

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Dutch cuisine is the best reflection of the Netherlands' plentiful natural resources. The finest fresh fish is caught every day in the North Sea and served to your table by skillful and creative chief. Mussel, Oyster, Lobster and plenty more seafood from Zeeland are cooked rapidly with light seasoning of lemon juice and sea salt to maintain and enhance their exclusively fresh and salty savour.

With rich, milky and nutty taste, the iconic Gouda cheese is perfect to be served as an appetizer. The Texel Lamb, which is grazed freely in grassy earthworks and exercise every day, has a unique texture that fits for any ideas of dinner. Nothing is a better finishing touch for your meal than a dish of Poffertjes, typical Dutch treat resembling very small and fluffy pancakes, served with powdered sugar and hot melted butter.

A map of the Netherlands can be found HERE.

According to the bilateral working holiday scheme established between HKSAR Government and the Government of the Netherlands, working holidaymakers can take up short-term employment during their stay in the Netherlands.
You are free to apply for a wide range of temporary jobs in the Netherlands to supplement travelling funds. Learn more about working and finding a job in the Netherlands at:

Know your work rights
Working holidaymakers are protected by the law of the Netherlands. They should be aware of the relevant labour legislation in the Netherlands and be cautious in dealing with the terms and conditions laid down in the employment contracts.
All employees in the Netherlands aged between 21 and state pension age are entitled to the statutory minimum wage. Younger employees (15 to 21) are entitled to the minimum youth wage. The minimum wage with effect from 1 January 2024 is as follows:
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Age Amount per hour
21 years and older 13.27 EUR
20 years 10.62 EUR
19 years 7.96 EUR
18 years 6.64 EUR

The Netherlands also adopts the Working Hours Act (ATW). In general, employees may work no more than 12 hours per shift and no more than 60 hours per week. However, the actual practicing standard is subject to different circumstances. Further details on working hours can be found at the following website:
Working holidaymakers can seek assistance and advice from the Inspectorate SZW established by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment for issues relating to employment.
Additional information on relevant labour legislation and protection can be found at the following website:

Working Holidaymakers are reminded that information about work conditions and labour laws of the respective host economies provided in this webpage are for reference only and subject to change. For comprehensive and updated information, please refer to the relevant government websites of the respective economies.
According to the bilateral working holiday scheme established between HKSAR Government and the Government of the Netherlands, working holidaymakers can enrol in short-term study courses during their stay in the Netherlands.
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Learn more about studying in the Netherlands at
The Netherlands provides a large variety of accommodation options to satisfy various needs of different individuals. From hotels, hostels, guesthouses, apartments, campsites, holiday homes, holiday parks to group accommodations, you can surely find a home away from home no matter you want to pacify yourself alone or make friends with other travellers.
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Please refer to the following website for more details:
The well-facilitated transportation system in the Netherlands efficiently connects one destination to another. Train, tram, bus, metro and ferry are all perfect means for you to transit and travel comfortably. Given its moderate landscape, mild weather, accessible distances and well-rounded infrastructure, cycling is also one of the popular ways to explore the Netherlands. Visiting various Dutch wonders that are hidden away from the major transportation network will be surely an amazing journey!
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The Netherlands has a moderate marine climate with fairy mild winter and not-too-hot summer. The moisture from the nearby ocean brings the country continuous rainfall throughout the year. In January, the average temperature is around 2.8°C and snow is not uncommon. Summer is warm but not excessively hot, with an average temperature at around 17.4°C in July. While the blossom of the sea of tulips is fascinating in spring, the dry and clear weather in autumn is the most comfortable background for traveling.
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Learn more about the climate in the Netherlands at:
The official weather forecast can be found at:
Here we have gathered a number of hands-on tips to facilitate your trip planning and settling in Netherlands. If you have done a working holiday in Netherlands and have a tip or two to share, please email your thoughts to!
Spending a night on the beach is prohibited in the Netherlands.
You may consider staying overnight at accommodations near a beach.
April 27 is Koningsdag' (King’s Day).
People in the Netherlands dress in orange and celebrate enthusiastically on this festival!
The best time to watch the tulips and other flowers is from March to May.
Netherlands is the kingdom of the bicycle. There are a lot of bike friendly facilities which may help reduce your transportation costs!
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Note: The useful tips provided in this webpage are the authors' own opinions and for reference only. Working holidaymakers are advised to research thoroughly and check up for updated and verified information before departure.

Emergency Hotline in the Netherlands
Police, Fire & Ambulance
Telephone: 112

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China
Global Emergency Call Center for Consular Protection and Services
24-hour Hotline: (8610) 12308

Immigration Department of the HKSAR
Assistance to Hong Kong Residents Unit
24-hour Hotline: (852) 1868

Labour Department of the HKSAR
General Enquiries - Working Holiday Scheme