The Hong Kong/Canada Working Holiday Arrangement came into effect on 1 March 2010, with both sides providing an annual quota of 200. The applicants are required to provide a financial proof of CAD 2,500 for maintenance during their initial stay in Canada.
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Successful applicants will be issued a Letter of Introduction by the Consulate General of Canada in Hong Kong, which can be exchanged for a work permit at a Canadian border entry point, allowing them to stay in Canada for up to 12 months. They can take up short-term employment and/or study courses of not more than a total of six months during the authorized period of stay. Further information of the Working Holiday Arrangement and visa application can be obtained from the websites:
Participants are required to take out suitable medical (including repatriation), hospitalisation and/or liability insurance before departure to cover the possible related costs incurred abroad.

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Detailed arrangements of the Scheme may vary from time to time. Applicants are advised to check with the Consulate before application.

The official tourism website of Canada introduces places to go, things to do and insiders' trip ideas. It also provides links to videos and social media platforms for visitors to explore more.

Scenic Highlights
With a mass continent, Canada offers unique experiences in different parts of its land. On the West side there are well-known cities counting Vancouver and Calgary, as well as the magnificent Rocky Mountains and the Banff National Park. Whistler, a popular ski area within driving distance from Vancouver, is also flooded with travelers all year round for outdoor activities.
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On the East side where cities like Toronto and Montreal are found, there is the breathtaking Niagara Falls (or more precisely the Horseshoe Falls). This gigantic fall stretches along the American border and drops about 57 metres. Besides natural scenery, Canada also has a nostalgic side to be discovered. The Old Quebec and old Montreal are filled with historical buildings and horse-drawn carriages are available for touring around.
It is freezing towards the North of the country around the Arctic Circle, but making a trip northward can be rewarding as lucky ones will be in encounter with polar bears and the glorious northern lights.
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As a historic and immigrant-friendly destination, Canada is highly multicultural and offers delicacies all around the world. Fine Asian restaurants are here and there in major cities to help you deal with homesickness.
If you wish to eat like Canadians, do not miss out those distinctive local snacks and sweets. Ketchup chips, butter tarts, Montreal-style bagels (with a dense texture and baked in a wood-fired oven), poutine (French fries in gravy and cheese curds) and pancakes that go with the Canadian maple syrup are all adorable.

Check out an interactive map of Canada at

According to the bilateral working holiday scheme established between HKSAR Government and the Canadian Government, working holidaymakers can take up short-term employment during their stay in Canada.
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You are free to apply for a wide range of job options within Canada according to your working experience and language skills. Some specific occupational requirements may apply. The Government of Canada has established a website ( ) to help people search for work and explore jobs and labour market information.

Know your work rights
Working holidaymakers are protected by the law of Canada. They should be aware of the relevant labour legislation in Canada as well as different provinces and be cautious in dealing with the terms and conditions laid down in the employment contracts.
Minimum wage for experienced adult workers in Canada varies from province to province; in general, it is set at around 14.00 CAD to 19.00 CAD. The laws on working hours and overtime (extra time or time worked after regular hours) are also different depending on the province or territory.
Additional information on relevant labour legislation and protection can be found at the government website.
Working holidaymakers can contact their local employment or labour standards offices for further information and assistance.

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Working Holidaymakers are reminded that information about work conditions and labour laws of the respective host economies provided in this webpage are for reference only and subject to change. For comprehensive and updated information, please refer to the relevant government websites of the respective economies.

According to the bilateral working holiday scheme established between HKSAR Government and the Canadian Government, working holidaymakers can enrol in short-term courses of up to six months during their stay in Canada.
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Canada offers a range of accommodation to suit your needs and budget, from lakeside resorts or hostels, to rented houses and apartments.
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Please refer to the following website for details:

Many Canadian cities have clean and efficient public transit systems that you may use to explore cities on a flexible schedule.
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Buses account for most of the fleets, but there are also streetcars, trolleys, sea buses and trains. All major Canadian cities offer subway, metro and/or light rapid transit service.

For more information about travelling in Canada, please visit the following website:
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Canada has distinctive differences among the four seasons, offering dramatic displays of colours and vibrant life. Spring arrives as early as February on the west coast, and closer to April in the East, warming up the temperature for field trips. September and October is the best time of the year to catch the spectacular autumn leaves in eastern Canada. Most parts of Canada experience snow in winter, and Canada is famous for winter sports.
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To know more about the weather in Canada, please visit the following website:

Here we have gathered a number of hands-on tips to facilitate your trip planning and settling in Canada. If you have done a working holiday in Canada and have a tip or two to share, please email your thoughts to!
  • Having a driver's license is very important for daily transit
  • Tax is heavy in Canada, so make sure you are prepared for that
  • Canada has lots of wonderful outdoor activities and they are essential in your working holiday
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  • Shops and restaurants usually close at 10PM or even earlier. Take note of their opening hours
  • Niagra Falls is far from downtown and it may take up to a day to explore the spot. You may apply for a US visa in order to cross the borders for New York since it is only one bridge apart
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  • Toronto and Vancouver are definitely the most popular choices for settling in. Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Montreal also consist of a huge Chinese-speaking population
  • A TTC monthly pass allows you to explore Toronto and take subway, bus and streetcar in unlimited times
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  • Canada is extremely cold from October to February and temperature can drop to -30°C or even lower. Buy cheap thick coats from Costco, Superstore or CrossIron Mills before winter, and remember to wrap yourself up in layers of warm clothes
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  • Pay at least 10 to 15 % tips when dining out – just like giving seats to the needed on bus, it is a social norm
  • See doctors for free with a health card (apply with your visa), but you do need to pay the dispensing fee and for the medicine. Cost of dental care is very expensive so do all the checkups in Hong Kong first!
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  • Better arrive after March (there may be cherry blossom in Vancouver or Toronto) as the temperature starts to rise
  • If you travel by bus, allow a more flexible schedule and do not simply trust the apps – there are high rates of bus lost trip
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Famous attractions:
  • Vancouver: Capilano Bridge, Burnaby Village Museum, Stanley Park, Gas Town, Central Library, Victoria Harbour
  • Toronto: Niagara Falls, CN Tower, Casa Loma
  • Montreal: Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal
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Internet plans and mobile plans in Canada are very expensive. You better do some research on this matter.
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Note: The useful tips provided in this webpage are the authors' own opinions and for reference only. Working holidaymakers are advised to research thoroughly and check up for updated and verified information before departure.

Emergency Hotline in Canada
Police, Fire & Ambulance
Telephone: 911

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China
Global Emergency Call Center for Consular Protection and Services
24-hour Hotline: (8610) 12308

Immigration Department of the HKSAR
Assistance to Hong Kong Residents Unit
24-hour Hotline: (852) 1868

Labour Department of the HKSAR
General Enquiries - Working Holiday Scheme