Link to 首批韓國工作假期參加者的生存之道


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海洋與我 by Sunny (2014-2016 澳洲)
Link to 海洋與我


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踏出香港,只有天空才是你的極限 by Karen Chin (2013-2015 英國)
Link to 踏出香港,只有天空才是你的極限


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夢想成真 by Van (2015-2016 奧地利)
Link to 夢想成真

奧地利係我嘅夢想,所以我一完咗澳洲工作假期,就即刻緊接去埋奧地利工作假期。《Before Sunset》係一部我好鍾意嘅電影,故事取景於維也納...

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與我分手重新認識自己 by Van (2014-2015 澳洲)
Link to 與我分手重新認識自己


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Hitchhiking in New Zealand
Hitchhiking in New Zealand by Daniel (2014-2015 New Zealand)
Link to Hitchhiking in New Zealand

People in New Zealand were so nice. It was pretty safe to hitchhike and I did it quite often. One day, a car stopped next to me when I was walking down the road...

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