New Sight of Travelling
New Sight of Travelling by KimKam (2014-2015 Ireland)
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Irish culture is not only about beer and music. You can find out far more than that. Please be respectful always. It helps you get in touch with Irish and earn a nice experience...

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走出Comfort Zone
走出Comfort Zone by Melody & Maurice (2015-2016 新西蘭)
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An Unforgettable Journey
An Unforgettable Journey by Alison T. (2014-2016 Australia)
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It was tough but having lots of good friends working hard together will make it worth. I also tried many of my first times in Australia, for example skydiving (the most exciting thing I have done in my life so far) and camping at night...

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澳洲 X 街頭賣藝
澳洲 X 街頭賣藝 by Yoyo Wing (2011-2012 澳洲)
Link to 澳洲 X 街頭賣藝


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我有一個德國夢 by Cassandra Tsui (2012-2013 德國)
Link to 我有一個德國夢


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無悔的青春 by Yola (2014-2015 日本)
Link to 無悔的青春


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