From Baguette to Dim Sum
From Baguette to Dim Sum by Aude CAMUS (2015 Hong Kong)
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When I first came, I thought "ok, let's give it a try and if I don't like it, I can just go back home". Today, home is Hong Kong...

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出走韓國的90後妹子 by Maxine Ha Miji (2015-2016 韓國)
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在拍攝當日,我會帶客人到江南很有名的造型室,而幾乎每次我都會看到很多很有名的歌手和演員,例如少女時代的允兒和泰研、EXID、池昌旭、Eric Nam等等...

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查理的四次工作假期 by 查理 (2012-2016 澳洲/法國/英國/愛爾蘭)
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Proud Experiences
Proud Experiences by Joyce (2015 Australia)
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I joined a one month tour travelling from Perth to Darwin and we did camping throughout the whole trip. It was really interesting and amazing...

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也許是最精彩的工作假期 by 小凡 (2014-2016 澳洲)
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攜眷出席UK英國Working Holiday
攜眷出席UK英國Working Holiday by SueSue Chan (2014-2016 英國)
Link to 攜眷出席UK英國Working Holiday

很多人誤解參加Working Holiday是逃避現實和去玩,其實要跳出自己的安舒圈,也需要作出很大的勇氣。我以前是從來都沒有想過自己會參加英國工作假期的...

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